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Spring update of our Catalog!



Another update of our Catalog of Jewish burials. Burials on the territory of Belarus, Russia, Ukraine were added to the site at a time. At the same time, 8 cemeteries and memorials were loaded - in total, more than 10 thousand names are stored on the pages of our Catalog this year alone.

Each inscription and epitaph has been purposefully read by our staff so that you can easily search our Catalog.

I would like to express my gratitude to each of those involved in this project for their help, hard work and full dedication.

A list of all cemeteries is available here.

The list of all updated and newly added cemeteries is below:


1. Jewish cemetery, Smolevichi 

2. Jewish cemetery OsovtsyGomel (updated and added 90% of mixed sectors) 

3. Jewish cemetery, Krasnopolye 

4. Memorial in Naroulia 


1. Jewish cemetery, Kamyanets-Podilskyi 

2. Jewish cemetery, Narodychi 

3. "City Cemetery No. 1", Cherkasy 

4. Jewish cemetery, v. Khashchevatoe, Kirovograd region 


1. Old Jewish cemetery, Omsk 

Several of the above mentioned cemeteries are partly catalogued.


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