Save the memory

Our new project within the framework of the Jewish burials catalogue.




Features of the project:



  • Anyone can join;
  • Interactive work with photos of unidentified burials;
  • You will be given tips on filling the fields;
  • You will gain an opportunity to write a comment or an epitaph.


Let me walk you through all this point by point:

Our project has been on the path of improvement and modernization for many years. The burial list has undergone many changes and innovations. Due to the fact that photographs of the burials of the 18th and 19th centuries have been added in the Catalogue, it became a necessary to decipher complex Hebrew inscriptions. Many of the burials of later years were exposed to extreme weather conditions and destroyed by vandals, and therefore the inscriptions became unreadable. Having weighed the pros and cons, a completely extraordinary decision was made on how we can preserve the memory of the people that have long been gone. We provide a free access to unidentified or partially identified graves for collaborative editing. Now you can also contribute to the development of the project, and perpetuate the memory of people on the pages of our Catalogue.


Specially for you, an instruction on rules for editing and making changes to the category of unidentified graves was created.

  • To work on "Save the memory" project you must be registered on the site. Do this by following the link REGISTRATION ;
  • After a successful registration you can open a page of any cemetery you are interested in by selecting it on the page CEMETERIES;
  • On a page of any cemetery you will see a menu bar with a choice of sorting: everything, alphabetical index, no surname or identification. By selecting "Unknown" you will be redirected to the page with graves of this cemetery that are waiting for identification. If the category is empty, the filter in the upper left corner is available to you. To select all graves in all countries, select the item with an empty field and click the "filter" button. If you want to see a burial place of a country, you can choose it separately. Do not forget to confirm your choice with pushing the "filter" button;
  • If you want to immediately get to the page with all categories, go to the page ALL UNSIGNED BURIALS ;
  • Once you are on the page of unidentified graves of your choice (all countries, a particular city or a cemetery), you need to choose any burial, the outlines of letters on which will allow you to identify it. Click on the photo with the given burial and you will be redirected to the page of its editing;
  • On the editing page of the grave you will see several blocks. The first block is the main photo block. You can use the virtual magnifying glass to view small details on the photo - just point the mouse at the photo area (the function works only on the computer and tablet version of the site). By clicking on the photo it opens for you to full screen (click again on the photo to zoom in);
  • The second block is the unit for making changes to the catalog. There are the fields of input of the full name and the years of birth and death, as well as a field for arbitrary text entry, commentary and an epitaph;
  • Looking at the photo, start typing those letters that you can recognize on the tombstone (for the Russian version of the site, enter letters in Russian, English for the English version of the site, and Hebrew for the Hebrew version site);
  • As you enter the words, our Directory will automatically show you tips. If you enter a name that does not exist in our database, you will not be able to save the selected text in this field. In this case, use the "free form";
  • After completing the input of one, several or all fields, you need to click the "send" button and your adjustment will be forwarded to be approved by the Directory Administration ";
  • After that, the next burial from the list will appear in a random order, you can also repeat the points described above with it;
  • Below the input fields there is a ribbon of photos "Also in need of identification". If the current burial is not identifiable, you can choose any of the following;
  • The project is in development. Please report any problems or errors you encounter through the form: FEEDBACK Or our CHAT;