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Jewish cemeteries in Dubăsari

In Dubăsari, at different times, the Jewish community founded two cemeteries. The oldest was on the site of the current Kotovskogo Street. But it has long been destroyed and built up. The exact date of its founding is unknown, but, as local old-timers testify, the date “1616” was engraved on the oldest burial that could be identified at one time in this cemetery. It is also said that the old cemetery was used before the Second World War. However, after its completion, in the mid-1950s, it was destroyed during the construction of the Dubăsari hydroelectric power station on the Dniester River. The fate of the tombstones is unknown - apparently, they were destroyed or could have been used as building material. On the site where this old Jewish cemetery once was, there is an auto club building and a training ground. A memorial plaque has been installed on the building, informing that a Jewish cemetery was once located on this site.

The second Jewish cemetery in Dubăsari is located near Lomonosov Street and is also one of the oldest in the city, but still active. It contains approximately 2,000 old matzevahs, as well as more than 250 burials made after the Second World War. The oldest matzevah on this kirkut is dated 1827.

The perimeter of the cemetery is approximately 900 meters long. Part of the fence is a stone wall up to 2 meters high, the rest is a new metal fence of about the same height. The cemetery is quite well-groomed and cleared of plants. It is also under protection.

This cemetery contains the grave of one of the spiritual leaders of Hasidism, Tzadik Menachem Mendel. On his tombstone there is a tablet in Hebrew, which says that the holy Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Bar is buried here. His grave is today a place of pilgrimage for every Hasid who comes to Dubăsari.