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    • In August 2015 I fond out that my parents' place of burial in the Osovtsy cemetery in Gomel is in a bad condition. I have a lot of years living in Israel, in the city of Lod. I called in the Jewish community of Beit Yakov in Gomel. They listened to me, recorded my phone number in Israel and said that the person, with whom I can solve all the problems I have will call me in a little while. In the evening I got a call and we agreed on everything. Less than a month later I received burial photos as an evidence of cleaning. I am pleased and I thank everyone who has helped to solve my problem.

      Boris Schedrovitskiy, Lod (Israel)

    • I want to thank your company for quality work and service that you provide to people living far from the homeland. Thank you very much for the work, diligence, honesty and understanding. Thank you from the heart.

      Larisa Zhiveleva, Miami (USA)

    • Good afternoon! Thank you for your work. My grandfather died in 1991 in Gomel. All the relatives have emigrated to different countries and the grave was completely launched. By the site people helped me to install a new headstone, lay tiles and remove the thicket. I am happy that I`ve found such important people, who are doing a good deal.

      Julia Katsman, Karaganda (Kazakhstan)

    • My father asked me to help to organize the repair work on the grave of my grandfather. Living in another country, and not being able to go to the Gomel and search for people, I began to look at the Internet companies, engaged in this service. I've been already desperate, but found your company's website.
      From the whole family I want to thank you for the provided service. I want to note the high professionalism and excellent knowledge of the business. After the first conversation with a representative of the company, I was absolutely convinced in the correctness of the choice. The approach to detail and provide possible materials has made the choice easy. All the works was performed in previously specified time. Detailed photos impressed me allowing to keep abreast of what is happening during the all of work.
      With respect, Gennadiy, New York (USA)

    • My name is Kristina Shimkovich, I found my father's (Shimkovich Eduard Iosifovich) grave on your site, and, with your help, have visited the grave several times.

      Given that the oak trees there are man-sized, I can imagine for how many years no one of his relatives have visited...

      I won't describe how shocked I was to discover about my Jewishness that for some reason was well hidden from me at the age of forty.

      It turned out that my grandmother on mother's side was Jewish too. Her parents Eva and Iakov had 12 children and died on nearly the same day.

      Right now I'm learning Hebrew in an ulpan in Minsk. It comes easy to me, I speak it freely at least within the curriculum.

      I got interested in Jewish culture, history and traditions. Moreover, my son, who's 21, supports me.

      None of this could have happened, if it wasn't for site and catalogue. I am immensely grateful to you!

      Respectfully, Kristina. (Minsk)

    • I am satisfied with the service. There is no deception. The order was made by me and my friend.

      Vladimir, Ashdod (Israel)

    • Я хочу выразить Вам огромную благодарность за проделанную вами работу! Четко в срок и очень тщательно все сделано! Выполнена даже моя просьба,положить по цветочку к памятникам дедушки и бабушки! Это огромная мицва то,что вы делаете. Я рассказываю о вас всем своим знакомым с самыми горячими рекомендациями
      Жанна.Израиль Афула.