Jewish memorials and places of memory

Our new project in the framework of the Jewish burial site.



Features of the project:



  • Anyone can become a participant of the project;


So, about everything in order:

Now it is in your power to preserve the memory of those who died during the Second World War. If in the territory of your city, village, there is a memorial with immortal names - send us their photos and they will be included in our catalog. Each name will be saved on the pages of our site. If you know that your family and friends were killed in the ghetto or during the Second World War and there is a monument on the territory of this place, or a plate, just let us know about it.


Specially for you we have created an instruction how to take photographs for this project and to provide us with information about memorials, fraternal graves of those who died in the ghetto.

  • The photo of the memorial itself, a commemorative sign must be made on any digital camera. The photo should be clear and represent the general plan of the object that you are photographing.
  • If on the territory of the memorial, a commemorative sign, there are nameplates, please make a clear photo of each of these plates.
  • Further contact us using any method of communication convenient for you, or send it to us at email all the information you have.
  • All photo materials transferred to our Catalog automatically become the property of the catalog, any use of these materials without notification and permission of the Catalog is illegal.
  • If you know that your relatives or loved ones died in the ghetto, or were killed in places where there are no commemorative signs - you can still send us their data, we will also try to add them to our catalog in a separate category.
  • Please do not worry if the data sent by you still does not appear in our catalog, we remember everyone who contacted us. We will add them as quickly as possible.
  • The project works in a pilot mode. Please report any problems or errors you see through the FEEDBACK form or our CHAT;