Our organization provides the following services for the care of entombments


One-time cleaning at the burial site:

  • Collection of garbage;
  • Washing of monument, tombstone;
  • Washing and painting of the fence;
  • Removal of weeds.

To order a one-time cleaning, go to the page BURIALS

Permanent care of burial (year’s cleaning):

  • Quarterly cleaning of burial (four times per year);
  • Collection of garbage;
  • Washing of monument, tombstone;
  • Painting of the fence (once a year);
  • Taking photos of burial sites and sending to the client a detailed photo report on the work performed after each cleaning.

To order a Quarterly cleaning, go to the page BURIALS


We guarantee the worthy condition of a burial place during the year and regular monitoring of the neatness of the place of burial of a loved one. If the tomb consists of two or more monuments, the cost of burial increased by 50% for each additional monument. In case the area of the burial is a double, triple or larger burial, but contains 1 a monument – the cost of care will be increased in proportion to the amount of work (the client will be notified promptly).

Additional services:

  • Cleaning rust from corroded metal parts of the tombstones, pedestals, fences with further painting in the original color;
  • The grinding and polishing of tombstones made of cement, concrete, marble chips and granite;
  • Restoration of inscriptions on monuments, tombstone;
  • Restoration of photos on monuments, tombstone (if there is the original);
  • Digging of the tombstones (плит, "подушек", "парусов").

Laying tiles on the burial site with a border along the contour

You can order paving the burial site with concrete, marble and granite tile or other materials at your request. Production and installation of monuments, tombstones. With our help, you can order the monument from a single piece of black granite or gray granite chips. According to Your desire on the monument can be engraved the Name of the deceased, year of birth and death, draw a star of David, and more. Tombstones are made from granite or granite chips of your choice. Additionally, you can install decorative flowerbeds filled with colored stones.

Painting of the fence at the burial place

You can order a painting of a monument or fence and choose a color in which they will be painted: black or blue.

Photos of the burial site at the current moment, with advice on restoration

Especially for you we can take photos of the condition of graves at the time of application, provide a free consultation regarding future works.

Searching of the grave

If for some reasons, burying your loved ones is not found in our list of burials - do not despair. Let us know the following information:

  • Surname;
  • Name;
  • Patronymic name listed on the monument;
  • The name of the cemetery;
  • Cemetery address;
  • The number of the cemetery plot, number burial (if known);
  • Approximate date of birth and burial;
  • Other information (a photo of burial, description of fences and monuments, or any other signs).

Reading memorial prayer and lighting of candles in Yortsayt and/or Yom Kippur

According to Jewish tradition it is customary to recite a memorial prayer "Kel male Rahamim" once a year, on the anniversary of death. If the anniversary of the death is not known, this prayer is recited any other day.

Additionally, we can take photos of your home, yard, street, school or other places that are important for your memory. Transfer Matzo to Pesach, Mishloah the Manot for Purim, gifts for significant dates and the like.