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    • 24/03/2020

      Jewish Poltava

      История развития еврейской общины в Полтаве начинается с конца XVІII века. В то время были построены Субботняя и Воскресная школы, а немного позже открылась первая синагога. Уже в начале прошлого столетия, когда население города составляло приблизительно 53 000 человек, более 7 000 жителей были е

    • 05/06/2018

      We live to remember, and remember to live

      For thousands of years our lives have been passing the way from birth to death. This cycle cannot be stopped. But in our power to create, preserve the memory of those who are no longer with us. From century to century, Jews, following traditions, recall the deceased, reciting prayers. Traditions

    • 03/04/2018

      Lists of Jews, victims of mass execution in Zasulskiy Yar, Lubny, Ukraine

      Thanks to the help of our friend Elena Zhylinskaya and the chairman of the community of Lubny city Gennadiy Henkin, we have preserved another 582 Hebrew names on the pages of our Catalog. The city of Lubny in the Poltava region has a long history, which dates back to the times of Kievan Rus. It w

    • 02/04/2018

      Jewish cemetery in Krichev, Belarus Republic

      Krichev is a small town with a special and rather long Jewish history. Since the very first mentions of the city, and this is 1136, it can be seen that the Jews were associated with a rather high and responsible position in society. For example, they held positions of treasurers and tax collector

    • 08/03/2018

      The Majestic Herodion

      On the Israel shore of the famous Jordan River there is a hill called Herodion. It is located about 11 kilometers from the city of Bethlehem and 15 kilometers from Jerusalem. It is also located next to the ancient roads that lead to the Dead Sea. Hill is truly considered an outstanding property o

    • 07/02/2018

      Jewish funerals and local traditions XIX-XXI

      The cemetery is not only a place of memory about relatives, ancestors, a place of historical research, but also a place of statistical research. Jewish cemeteries in the territory of the former Soviet Union retained their national status until 1972. This is due to the fact that it was at this time t

    • 08/12/2017

      Jewish cemetery in Troitsk

      Famous Chelyabinsk regional historian Vasiliy Vishnevskiy, with whom we closely cooperate, wrote an article about the old Jewish cemetery in Troitsk (Chelyabinsk region, Russia). We would like to tell a little about his work, published in the magazine "Magistra vitae" In the second third of the X

    • 30/11/2017

      Who are the real kohens

      Who are the real kohens? Speaking simply and shortly, they are representatives of the priests’ race. In the Torah it was said that after Aaron was made the chief high priest, his sons were honored to become priests. They were descended from the tribe of Levi, but unlike the rest of the Levites, they

    • 15/10/2017

      Memory of the Feat

      Ilya Katunin - in the past a simple boy from a Jewish family, and later - a hero of the Soviet Union. He was born in Gomel in 1908 and at the age of 10 he lost his father during the Jewish pogrom. Having on the maintenance of four children, the mother was forced to give Ilya to an orphanage. Then

    • 15/10/2017

      Jewish names

      Michael, Ilya, Anna and many other similar names have long become the most common for any resident of Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. But not everyone knows that such familiar names have Jewish roots or at least lead us to them. So it has been for many years, and even now, in seemingly Slavic names, it

    • 02/10/2017

      Jewish cemetery in Osipovichi

      The town of Osipovichi is unlikely to impress with any tourist curiosities or modern infrastructure. This is a simple provincial city, which for all its simplicity conceals a long and not ordinary history. About 48% of Jews lived here before the war. Local theater, a small bakery, unusual houses,

    • 02/10/2017

      Jewish cemetery in Chernivtsi

      The Jewish cemetery of the city of Chernivtsi is located on Zelenaya Street. It was discovered as far back as 1886 and is remarkable for what was originally intended as a garden and park complex. So, the local authorities approached the creation of this cemetery with special scrupulousness. Initi

    • 02/10/2017

      Jewish cemetery of Dnepropetrovsk (nowadays Dnipro)

      Dnipro is one of those cities that could tell their long - term Jewish history. Although at the moment there is only one Jewish cemetery left in the city. But it was not always so. Historical reports say that the oldest of these cemeteries was discovered in the suburbs since the very foundation o

    • 14/09/2017

      Jewish cemetery of the city of Zhitomir

      The general history of the city of Zhytomyr and the Jews who lived there, relates us back to the beginning of the eighteenth century. According to the official data, it was then that they began actively populating the city. And this had a really beneficial effect on the development of a still very s

    • 04/09/2017

      Jewish cemetery in Vitebsk

      The first Jewish cemetery in Vitebsk begins its history in 1633. It was then that King Vladislav IV issued a decree, through which the Jewish community could redeem a certain piece of land and carry out burial there. But this is not the end of the story. Due to the fact that Vitebsk was always kn

    • 03/09/2017

      Jewish cemetery in the city of Yelsk

      Yelsk is a small town in the south of Belarus, where they honor traditions and appreciate the historical heritage. One of the main attractions is the Jewish cemetery. Its origin is attributed to approximately XIX century, although the status of the city of Yelsk was received only in 1971. Even in

    • 30/08/2017

      Mushketov cemetery of Donetsk

      Mushketov cemetery of the city of Donetsk is located in the Kalininskyi district. This is the oldest cemetery in the mining town, which was founded in 1925. This is one of the most important historical places of the city, each of its paths, every tree and stone are permeated with history. Its area i

    • 19/08/2017

      Jewish cemetery in Odessa (Third Jewish cemetery in Odessa)

      The third Jewish cemetery in Odessa is one of the largest cemeteries in Ukraine. Its origin dates back to 1945 and has about 50 thousand burials. Here, along the numerous avenues, monuments or simple stones rise in memory of those who are no longer with us. However, there are a large number of aband

    • 20/07/2017

      Cemetery in Bar, Vinnytsia region

      The city of Bar in Vinnytsia region has a special historical value for the Jewish people. It was in this city where one of the oldest Jewish communities settled. For the first time about the barbarian Jews it is mentioned back in 1542. Besides, the inhabitants of this town suffered the hardest fate

    • 12/07/2017

      Jewish cemetery behind the Mound of Glory in Mozyr (Belarus)

      In the city of Mozyr (the Republic of Belarus) behind the Mound of Glory there is an old cemetery. Just right here the old Jewish burial grounds are located. The beginning of the burials in the old cemetery coincides with the beginning of the Second World War, however, very often on gravestones w