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Jewish cemetery in Rivne

The old Jewish cemetery in Rivne is located at 113 Litovskaya Street. Unfortunately, it was officially closed by the Soviet authorities back in 1959, and a city park has been laid out on its territory.

Today, the territory of the cemetery along the perimeter is about 1 km, while there is no fence, clearing of trees and bushes is not carried out. No more than 40 relatively intact tombstones and several dozen individual fragments have survived. The date of the oldest surviving matzevah is 1860, the last one is 1920.

For a long time, local authorities do not take any measures to improve and clear the territory and preserve the remaining tombstones. As a result, the cemetery area has been partially converted for various entertainments. According to local media reports, bicycle paths and bicycle tracks have recently been equipped on the territory of the Jewish cemetery. Residents of nearby areas walk their dogs here and have picnics, use the surviving tombstones as benches.

Members of the local Jewish community have repeatedly tried to restore order in the cemetery, removing all sorts of buildings. They also turned to the city authorities with a request to help in arranging the Wailing Wall in this area and return it to the status of a cemetery.

Last year, the United Jewish Community of Ukraine adopted an appeal to the regional state administration on assigning the status of a cultural and historical object to the Jewish cemetery in Rivne on Litovskaya Street. According to available information, they agreed with the request and started preparing the relevant documentation.

Thus, if the old Jewish cemetery is given the status indicated above, this will allow it to have legal tools to protect it from constant desecration and bring it into proper condition with the help of the authorities.