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Еврейское кладбище г. Бар

Jewish cemetery in Bar

Bar is a city in the Vinnitsa region of Ukraine. By the beginning of the 20th century, Jews constituted more than half of the urban population. There were several synagogues and a Jewish cemetery. During the first half of the twentieth century, the Jewish population of the city decreased. During the occupation, there were three ghettos in the city, where the Nazis placed Jews from the surrounding villages and the Romanian occupation zone.

In the 1970s, the city underwent a reconstruction, which affected not only buildings reminiscent of Jews living in Bar, but also the old cemetery. A city gas pipeline was laid through its territory, and multi-storey buildings were built nearby. In 2020, local residents reported that Hasidim arrived in the city and performed religious rituals at the site of an old cemetery on Kotsyubinskoho Street.

The new Jewish cemetery in the city has been preserved. In 2020, volunteers identified its border and mapped it. Burials in the cemetery are cataloged. The register includes 439 burials, which fully or partially preserved anthroponomical data and nine graves without names. Of these, six burials lack dates of life and burial. On two of them, only the name or patronymic remained. These are the graves signed by Iosifovich (no dates) and Sarah (1952 burial). Three completely preserved anthroponomical data: Abraham Yitzhak Girshevich, Gitel Yitzhak Meerovna, Khani Meilakh Itskhakovna.

The cemetery has operated since the beginning of the 20th century. This can be judged by the date preserved on the grave without a surname. It belongs to Avraham Yudovich. The date of birth on the monument has not been preserved, but the date of burial is 1920.

There are no graves dated for the next two decades. Another 12 burials lack dates of birth and death. Of these, seven have fully preserved anthroponomical data. One has the surname and initials - Grinstein R.I. Only one has the name Shtarkman. Another one has a surname and a first name - Koifman Israil. There is also a burial where the surname and first name of Shnur Abram B. are indicated, as well as a grave with the last name and the letter of the name - Shvets Sh.

The surname and initials are indicated on 16 burials. Of these, nine are dated 1942 and only one also has the date of birth - P.P. Plitman. 1908-1942.

Later from the burials with the surname and initials it is dated 1986. Belongs to Prints S.Ya. 1923-1986.

Burials at the cemetery continued into the 21st century. There are three graves of Beth Rozalia Yakovlevna (1928-2012), Mintz Lyudmila Markovna (1955-2016) and Mishuris Galina Isaakovna (1946-2017). These are the most recent burials.