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Jewish cemetery in Karaganda

Karaganda began to develop rapidly in the 1930s. In 1934, it received the status of a city. Jews appeared in the city as engineer and technical workers and doctors at construction sites of the first five-year plans, exiled during the repressions of the 1930s and early 1950s, as well as evacuated specialists from the occupied regions of the USSR during World War II.

As of 2017, there were 17 cemeteries in Karaganda. According to local media reports, 12 of them did not have normal roads. Jewish burials are in the cemetery known as Dalniy Park. In 2017, the entrances to it were in a deplorable state. In 2018, through the efforts of Jewish organizations, the cataloging of the Jewish part of the cemetery began.

As of 2020, more than 300 burials were included in the electronic catalog.

There are about 21 graves in the cemetery where the dates of birth and burial have not been preserved. On 11 of them the names, surnames and patronymics are fully preserved, on two you can read only the names of Klyatskinas and Fleischer, on three - the name and surname - Luchevskaya Esfir, Okshtein Yakov and Frampolsky Igor. On three others, only the names Leia, Tanya, Ella have survived. On one grave you can read the surname and initials - Manevich M.F.

The dates of birth have not been preserved on seven graves, but the dates of death can be read. These are the graves of Woldmann H.M. 1942, German Pinkhus Itskovich 1942, Salop Girsh Moissevich 1945, Albert Dvoira Rafuelyevna 1962, Gerbera (without specifying the initial or full name) 1983, Elizaveta Moiseevna Polyakova 1979 and Manya Iosifovna Goldberg 1990.

The earliest burials belong to the aforementioned Woldmann H.M. and to German Pinkhus Itskovich. They are dated 1942. The latest burial belongs to Kulieva Edita Gdalevna (1934 - 2016).

On seven more graves, the dates of burial have not been preserved, but the dates of birth are indicated. Only one of them does not indicate the patronymic of the deceased, but the name and surname remained - Boris Katz, born in 1905. On the other six, you can fully read the anthroponyms: Rabin Hasya Shmul (born in 1895), Kipnis Semyon Mikhailovich (born in 1900), Kaushaner Tatyana Yakovlevna (born in 1907), Levitskaya Fanya Moiseevna (born in 1914), Rabin Eina Khaimovich (born in 1921) and Levinzon Maya Arkadyevna (born in 1952).

Among the burials, there are both single and family ones. Noteworthy is the grave of the Belinkovich family, Genakh and Feiga, buried in 1976. The monument is designed in the form of the Star of David.