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Jewish cemetery in Chechersk

Chechersk is a district center located in the Gomel region of Belarus. The Jewish population has been present here since the end of the 18th century. By the end of the 19th century, Jews made up more than 60% of the city’s population.

In the twentieth century, the population of the city decreased sharply. By 1939, less than 1 thousand Jews lived here, and by 2009, the Jewish population was reduced to four people.

Chechersk was unlucky. In 1986, it suffered from an accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Then the population of the district decreased by half. 4 thousand families were evicted from it.

Although there were practically no Jews left in the city, a Jewish cemetery was preserved here. It is located at the exit of Chechersk in the direction of Merkulovich.

There is no Jewish community in the city, but since 2017, the European Jewish Cemeteries Institute has included the Chechersk cemetery in its program. Then, a fence appeared in the cemetery.

The Jewish cemetery is located in the area of ​​Lenin Street. According to the electronic catalog, there are 147 burials in the cemetery. The surnames at 11 burials were not preserved. Of these, neither the first name nor the last name were preserved at one burial site. There are no surnames at six graves, and there are no dates at another six graves.

Of the surviving burials, you can read the name and part of the surname on a grave. Someone Meyer M. was born in 1875, and died in 1961.

Among the burials, on which the names and partly last names were preserved, the earliest grave is a certain Eventov Sh. A. He was born in 1854, and buried in 1957. From the early burials, on which complete data has been preserved, one can single out the grave of Binkin David Alterovich. He was born in 1868, and buried in 1964.

There are 5 graves in the cemetery, which did not have their birth dates. Among them: Leia Gold (buried in 1925), Kazakevich Sofia Moiseevna (buried in 1968), Benjamin Lyapin (buried in 1928), Shor Esther Solomonovna (buried in 1879) and Maron Borisovna (buried in 1922).

On three graves, only the date of birth is indicated. The date of the funeral has not been preserved. This is the grave of Dvorkina Hannah Leibovna (born in 1882), Bassova Borha (born in 1868) and Estrin Leiba Nosonovich (born in 1895).

The latest grave belongs to Dvorkin Boris Emmanuilovich. He was born in 1958, and buried in 2008.

The Jewish cemetery in Chechersk is supported by the efforts of public organizations, and its preservation depends on the work of volunteers.