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Jewish cemetery in Pervomaisk

Pervomaisk is a city in the Nikolaev region of Ukraine, which arose in the 1920s as a result of the unification of three settlements: Golta, Bogopol and Olviopol. The largest Jewish population at the time of the formation of Pervomaisk lived in Bogopol.

In v.4. of "Jewish Encyclopedia" edited by L. Katsenelson, published in 1909, you can find information about the Bogopol Jewish cemetery. The publication says that the early burials date back to the 19th century, and that the cemetery contains the grave of the local tzaddik Magid, who was buried in 1842.

Remains of the Jewish cemetery of Golta, located on the A. Matrosova Street, in the 1970s they got into the development zone. On the Internet, you can find photographs and short stories about it by local historians.

The Jewish cemetery of Pervomaisk occupies an area of ​​41.7 m2. According to local historians, once one was divided into male and female parts, but by the XXI century, the division has not survived.

Pervomaisk Jewish cemetery has been cataloged. The register includes about 800 burials. Another 13 graves remain unidentified. Seven of them lack anthroponomical data. On six, the data was only partially preserved. One grave of Rafail Shlemovich does not contain the dates of birth and death. Later from the burials without surnames belongs to Mark Yakovlevich (1902-1982), earlier - dated 1942.

Of the burials with complete anthroponomical data, the earliest belongs to Menaker Mikhail A. (1867-1931). The later ones belong to Amtislavsky Eduard Gilievich (1939-2016) and Smotritskaya Polina Shaevna (1937-2016).

On 59 graves, only the surname and initials are indicated. Two more burials contain neither initials nor names. These are the graves of Gorodetskaya (1904-1965) and Kogan (dates have not been preserved either).

There are 16 graves in the catalog without dates of birth and death. Of these, seven contain full anthroponomical data, two - the surname and initials: Gurevich F.I., Podberezskaya F.M. Another seven have their surname and first name written.

Five graves on which there are no dates and only the name is indicated belong to people with the surname Schwarzburd: Bella, Israil, Klara, Liusia, Reuben.

At the same cemetery, four more graves belong to people with a similar surname and all anthroponomical data and dates are indicated on them. These are the burials of Shchvartsburd Mollka Shmulevna (1900-1980), Riva Iosifovna (1877-1970), Yuda Yakovlevich (1900-1979) and Yakov Yudkovich (1876-1961).